A show from the perspective of a pair of traveling dogs exploring dog-friendly destinations.
A tongue-in-cheek narration style from the dog's perspective giving surprisingly useful travel information for people looking to vacation with their pets.
Meet Your Hosts
The Dog Hosts narrate the show and relay important information with their own unique perspective.

Rocket enjoys luxury and he feels he's deserves it. He loves to relax and be pampered and is happy to know his humans are pampered as well because he believes he deserves human-level pampering.

He's not that interested in "dog" experiences, he'd rather meet humans and take part in human experiences than go to a disgusting dog park.

He's voiced with a British accent, emphasizing his pomp and class.

Bridget is more easy-going! She loves people, she loves dogs, she loves everyone.

She would just as easily camp as stay in a 5-star hotel as long as she's doing it with the people she loves are there to comfort and care for her.

Her biggest concern is the car ride to get there. She loves going places with her people, but hates the freeway, turns, and accelerating.

She's voiced by a bubbly, stumbling, enthusiastic character. British accent-Jennifer Coolidge/Parker Posey.

Each show centers on a city or destination and takes you through each of the hosts preferred dog-friendly experiences for a weekend trip. From the nicest airbnb's to the low-fuss motels, best outdoor adventures, and rooftop patios, restaurant patios, bar patios, lots of patios.

The vibe and style of the show playfully tongue in cheek. While the dogs act as the hosts, the message is delivered specifically for young people looking to travel with their pets. Shot intentionally obscuring the face of "their humans" and never hearing their perspective. Shots are framed cutting off the human's heads, or full body shots from behind (think Wilson from Home Improvement). Narration is full of fun banter, playful graphics, thought bubbles, and careful curated experiences and perspectives on them.
Reference Shows
A short format show focused on highlighting motels that have been re-done for new young audiences.

What We Share: Highlighting the stories behind locations and experiences utilizing the local knowledge.
The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals
3 Hosts share their choice of amazing rental property vacation based on a shared theme.

What We Share: Comparing preferences and the cross-talk of unique takes on experiences.
The Layover
A Travel Show hosted by Anthony Bourdain focused on what you can do in a city during a 24-72 hr layover at major destinations.

What We Share: Hyper-focused on what should be done in a short visit to a given city with a strong perspective.
Revenue/Marketing Streams
There are three potential avenues to pursue.
YouTube Series
10-12 min ad-supported episodes based on each location.
Initial offering, produce 3 episodes in advance of first release.
Paid Subscriber Add-ons
Deep dives into venues, products, travel tips and more for Patreon or other paid subscription platforms.
Pitch Network/Streaming
Develop a sizzle reel/pilot and pitch deck.

Required Support/Resources
What outside support we need to produce the show.
Camera Work
Need Reality Show-style camera crew.
We will bin 3 episodes (each 2-3 day shoots) and enter post-production then regroup.
We need effective writing to help develop strong characters with effective and informative dialogue.
Developing the visual stylings of the show. It's basic 2D animation and line art

Content Ownership/Revenue Sharing
All members will get shared ownership in show content based on input/time. 88Twenty retains ownership of brand and holds
88Twenty will cover travel accommodations
We will cover basic expenses for production schedule including accommodations and a per diem.
Revenue Sharing - We don't make money until we ALL make money.
After recouping initial production costs, all ad revenue will be shared directly between all parties at agreed-upon percentages including any potential broadcast deals. 88Twenty retains brand/merchandise and related proceeds.
Position for Series Run
Interested in working on the show if it gets picked up? Let's discuss.