88Twenty Originals
A Virtual Interactive Live Horror Show
Sitcom Pilot
"The Importance of Being Honest"
An Original Immersive Musical Experience
Format-free Creativity
We create stories and experiences regardless of medium
In our first 2 years of operation we've created virtual interactive shows, live immersive musicals, and sitcom tv episodes.
Pandemic Slasher
Unprecedentedly 2020, with some 90's flare.
A completely original approach to entertainment in the midst of a pandemic
In October of 2020, with everyone still in various degrees of Stay-At-Home. Live Theatre had been closed for months and the desire for escapism and to connect with people was at an all-time high.

The concept of a live interactive horror film seemed like the perfect way to bring people together. With a combination of full-blown film sequences and live virtual performances, audiences were able to help characters fight back against the horror film tropes and try to survive the night.
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Leio
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Shifaaz
Photo by Jacob
Photo by Marion
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Modern Self-Aware Horror
For An
Unprecedented Modern Settings
This opening scene was a simplified homage to the original Scream (1996) Opening Scene featuring Drew Barrymore as a tribute to the source material inspiration for QuaranScream Live.

The live production ran for 5 nights in October of 2020 with an encore performance in November.
Hey Broskee!
Millennials lives are different than prior generations.
As adults, the path to happiness and success isn't as clear as it used to be. Dodging un-payable school loans, dead-end soul-sucking jobs, and finding joys in the little things is just part of the process of growing up, and no matter how many years past high school you are, you're still learning.
The pilot episode was produced in September of 2021.
New episodes are planned for production in Spring of 2022.
Vampires on The Strip
Hollywood is full of Bloodsuckers.
"Hollywood & Vamp is a rollicking, campy, sexy theatrical experience with a Halloween vibe and a Hollywood vigor."
Albert Lam, Writer of Westcoaster
Welcome to Hollywood & Vamp, the only Vampire Bar on the Sunset Strip.. Queen Vampire Theda has been ruling Hollywood for over a century, but the true heyday for this bar was the 80s, when rockstars and street rats terrorized the strip, allowing this vampire family to step out of of the shadows and indulge in the depravity.