Making changes in entertainment...
Who Are We?
We thrive in the grey areas between traditional forms of entertainment.

Within two months of founding the company, our first show opened to rave reviews and an undefinable format.

Since that first successful foray into "blended" media, we haven't looked back. Leading audiences across the boundaries of expectation and finding space between mediums on a journey towards incomparable experiences.

Inviting audiences walk into a vampire bar and get "sucked" into a world where vampires walk among us. Then bring them all together in a full rock concert final act.

Hiding technological easter eggs as "pre-show" entertainment in a theatre lobby to delight audiences when they least expect it.

These genre and format-defying fusions and elevations are core to the experiences we aspire to create. We take the decades of experience in each form of media from our diverse team and put it in a blender, seeking the concoction that is greater than the sum of its parts.
Boutique Artist-driven Entertainment & Creative Group
What Do We Do?

88Twenty Group was born in 2020 and took the term unprecedented as a challenge.

We prefer standing out rather than fitting into the box. We refuse categorization. We are entertainers, creators, marketing professionals, and planners, but what we love to do is create the magic between the gaps of traditional roles and media.

We develop, shoot, and edit your video content. But we take your media off the page and beyond the screen, using decades of experience in taking creativity and technology and melding them into all original ideas.

We produce, technical direct, cast, and direct your live experience. But we want to take your show beyond the theatre, spilling through the lobby and out into the street.

We are here to dream up experiences, solve creative problems, and invent new ways to connect the dots.
Our Clients
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