Creative Collective
A collaborative group supporting each other's creative endeavors.
The Creative Collective's primary mission is to provide creative and financial opportunity to its members through collaboration and supporting each-others endeavors.

All members are free to contribute as much or as little as they desire.
Ok, so what is Creative Collective?
Creative Collective in an invitation-only forum for collaboration.

But really, it's just formalized format to find like-minded creatives and share ideas, learn from each other and hopefully a chance to get inspiration and grow creatively.

All the while, we are looking to create financially viable content, or at least, learn more about what is financially viable.
And who is invited?
Right now, it's mostly a small group of filmmakers with some overlapping skillsets in production.

For example, this arrangement gives us some ability to rely upon each other to perform tasks we usually do ourselves on projects, giving the project owner the opportunity to focus on big picture tasks and creative decision-making.

We plan to start inviting other entertainment professionals as we see where needs arise, but the goal is to keep it close-knit and to hopefully allow for relationships to grow within the collective.
I have an idea I want to share, what do I do?

And what if I don't really have all the details figured out?
Pitch us! One of the primary goals is to vet each others ideas, and if you can sell us, we will help you make it! It might be a bit intimidating but here, our goal is to help each other succeed.

Bring us your loose idea, maybe someone else in the collective will be interested and help you round out the details. Learning to collaborate on developing projects is just another aspect of the Creative Collective.
Why You Should Join
This is an invitation-only venture with no requirement of commitment.

The goal is merely to connect like-minded creatives with one-another and find opportunities to create with the strength of a collective group's resources to aid in each member's individual success.
The rising tide lifts all ships.
We are all looking to keep growing and establishing our careers in media & entertainment.
We all have different strengths and experiences and are looking to grow our skillset. If you want to join a project looking to grow a specific skillset, set your terms to achieve your goals.
You are the master of your own agreement. You can chose to work on projects that have the returns that seem most favorable for you and set terms you find desirable.

Pitching & Sharing Ideas
All members have the freedom to pitch ideas of all scale with any level of contribution needs.

Have an idea but want help sussing it out?
The Concept/Script/Story of your idea.
Open with your best sales pitch!

Be prepared to offer more depth and details!
What do you need from the Creative Collective to accomplish your vision? Financial Investment? Camera Op? Equipment?

And are you open to suggestions and changes?
What forms of compensation are you prepared to offer? Work in exchange? Financial?

What are the goal outcomes of the project?
Pitching the show for network? Film Festival? Self-produced series?

Nothing? Just want to pursue a fun idea with like-minded people? Pitch it!

Return on Effort
Examples of Potential Returns from
Work Exchange to Revenue Sharing
Offer stake in the potential sale or future profits of the content.
Work Exchange
Offer to work on one of their projects in-exchange for working on yours.
Does your project have certain specialized aspects?
Maybe someone wants experience and you can offer just that.
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